Side Effects of the Blepharoplasty – Surgical treatment

Saturday, December 9th 2017. | Blepharoplasty treatment
 Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment

Soreness following Eyelid Surgical treatment

Though eyelid surgical treatment is really a minimally invasive process, there is some soreness linked with the post-operative recovery phase. The severity on the discomfort will most likely depend on the skill from the surgeon and also the health in the patient. Subsequent eyelid surgical treatment, your eyelids will most most likely feel sore and tight whilst the anesthesia is wearing off.

Medication prescribed by your physician might be utilised to lessen the intensity on the discomfort and alleviate discomfort. Some patients have described the post-operative discomfort connected with blepharoplasty as mostly uncomfortable, but not extreme, similar to that of the sunburn or windburn.
Post-Blepharoplasty Swelling

 Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment

Subsequent eyelid surgical treatment, swelling is probably to occur around the incision areas. Cold compresses or iced eye pads may be utilised to minimize swelling. Be careful when applying compresses or pads so as not to rupture the incisions.

Swelling can also be reduced by keeping the head elevated as much as feasible. Any swelling that does occur may perhaps result in blurry vision for a number of days immediately after the process.

Avoiding excessive blinking along with strenuous activities that boost blood flow on the eyes can aid to cut down or even prevent extreme swelling. Basic ice compresses placed a lot more than the eyes can assist at the same time.
Post-Blepharoplasty Scarring

 Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment

Side Effects of the Blepharoplasty

The skill from the facial plastic surgeon will most likely play a factor in determining the amount of scarring that occurs subsequent the blepharoplasty process. Much more skilled surgeons are able to keep scarring to a minimum. Although some degree of scarring ought to be expected subsequent eyelid surgical treatment, most scars will fade far more than time and become inconspicuous towards the casual observer.

Some patients believe that applying aloe vera or vitamin E soon after the sutures are removed can decrease scarring. Application of these creams should be done carefully to avoid damage to the wounds.

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